Local Area Networks

Hardware Pre-req

Software Pre-req


Test 1 Topics

youtubeGates and Memory


Test 2 Topics

youtube Password Encryotion

youtube Public-Private Encryotion

youtube Uses of Encryption

Test 3 Topics

youtube IP(v4) Addressing

youtube Routing

Test 4 Topics

youtube Intro to Cyber Security

youtube Firewalls

youtube Local Area Networks (routing)

Test 5 Topics

youtube TCP

youtube OSI

youtube Socket Programming

Test 6 Topics

youtubeCloud Computing

youtube Cloud AWS

youtube Cloud Security

Final Topics

youtube Queueing 1- Introduction

youtube Queueing 2 - Birth Death Processes

youtube Queueing 3 - Applications

Online Exams

Links are to videos of classes taught at the University level in the Departments of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics and Information Technology.

The videos can be watched and accompaning powerpoints and code are also available.