Database Systems

youtube Introductions To Databases

Test 1a Topics

youtube Entity-Relationship Model

youtube Structured Query Language - DDL

Test 1b Topics

youtube Structured Query Language - DML

youtube Functional Dependencies

youtube Normal Forms

Test 2a Topics

youtube Data Structures for Databases

youtube Storage

youtube B+ Trees

Test 2b Topics

youtube Stored Procedures

youtube Triggers (and Events)

Test 3a Topics

youtube File Systems(OS pre-req material)

youtube Big Data

youtube Data Science

youtube SQL for Data Science

Test 3b topics

youtube Transaction Management

youtube T-SQL (Transact SQL)

youtube R - Introduction

Other topics

youtube Matlab - Introduction

youtube Transactions

Online Exams

Links are to videos of classes taught at the University level in the Departments of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics and Information Technology.

The videos can be watched and accompaning powerpoints and code are also available.