Hardware Pre-req


Software Pre-req

Test 1 Topics

youtubeGates and Memory

youtube IP Addressing



Test 2 Topics

youtube Password Encryotion

youtube Public-Private Encryotion

Test 3 Topics

youtube TCP

youtube OSI

Test 4 Topics

youtube Processes and States

youtube Socket Programming

Test 5 is CANCELLED and a multithreaded project will take it's place due later on in the semester

Multi Threaded Programming in Java

youtube Java Thread 1
youtube Java Threads 2
youtube Java Threads lab
Server Processes project Assignment

As a lab exercise, run a java complier on these code examples and get a feel for what they do.

As a project we will write code very similar to these examples but have one thread accepting all input messages and waking up the sleeping process that handles it.

Test 6 Topics

youtube Intro to Cyber Security

youtube Routing

Future Topics

youtube Critical Sections

youtube Semaphores

youtube Deadlocks

youtube Deadlocks - Detection

Online Exams

Links are to videos of classes taught at the University level in the Departments of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics and Information Technology.

The videos can be watched and accompaning powerpoints and code are also available.